Sunday, February 28, 2016

Newest Member of the Pack

Hi All
It has been quite awhile since I brought you up to date on activities at Poodle Place.  Here is a picture of the newest member of the Poodle Place Pack.  Isabella is the queen of Baron and Blake's hearts, not to mention ours.
More later, I will leave you with the image of our pink poodle.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blake potentially sets a family record!

Hi All,
I know it has been awhile since I last wrote.
 Here is the latest.  I am taking an intermediate obedience class with Blake - our only obedience class (although he does receive private tutoring). During the 1st class it was obvious that Blake was the oldest in the class and one of the least obedient dogs. Nonetheless, the "professor", Connie,  told me he should be a therapy dog. Who knew? Probably because, while the other dogs were behaving obediently, Blake was greeting the humans (Connie included), tale wagging.  He has mastered apple polishing.
As class has progressed, Blake has done well. The only thing holding him back is me.
Connie just told me that Blake is doing great and will probably graduate to the advanced class.  To be honest, Blake is the only canine family member to get past the beginning class.  When Baron rook the beginning class, I encouraged our entire family to attend the "graduation", because Baron was not graduating and I did not want him to notice - bad for his ego.  We will see what happens.
All for now

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A New Plate

Hi All,
I have not written lately because I have had mechanical difficulties - which I mean literally.
Here is the update:  I had a "traumatic" fall which caused a broken clavicle.  For those unfamiliar with the clavicle it is also known as the collar bone.  I kid you not, someone thought I broke my back - untrue, thank heavens.  You can all vote or make a quiet speculation as to how this occurred. Here are your 3 choices:
1) I was thrown from a bridge table.  If you have ever played duplicate bridge with me, you will know this is not as unlikely as it might initially appear.
2) I was thrown from a horse.  This, too, is quite feasible.  If you have ever watched me ride, you might feel compassion for both the horse and my trainer.
3) I fell out of a tree birdwatching.  This option has led to much speculation amongst those who know me and my love of nature.  I have fielded questions such as: how high up were you? How did you get in the tree?  Was the bird interesting enough to be worth the risk?

As a result of my injury I now sport a brand new plate and 6 adorable screws!
All for now





Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Is anything ever simple?

Hi All,
I know it has been awhile since my last post, but sometimes life trumps blogging.  This is one of those times.  There is a lot happening at Poodle Place. You won't believe it! Is anything every simple?
On that note, both of the "boys" went to the holistic vet and chiropractor today.  Ok, so you think I am as nutty as my dogs? Perhaps.
To make a long and unpleasant story short, both the chiropractor and vet feel Baron needs additional assistance.  Are you ready for this, dear readers?  They recommended swimming!!!  While our heroine (ME - in case you forgot) truly loves to swim, I never thought of including Baron in my daily swim routine. Imagine the joy of swimming in one lane while Baron is dog paddling in the next!  Would the other swimmers object?  Baron is thrilled at the prospect of encroaching on my "me" time, and insists that poodles are welcome everywhere.
 When we returned home from the vet's, Baron ran to my swim bag and tried to eat my snorkel. Perhaps I never mentioned my swim routine?  I will detail it another time. 
After much discussion of the options, which involve yours truly (ME) standing up to my knees in cold lake water or colder stone quarry water, the vet recommended a special pool for dogs (no chlorine).  Lucky me, I get to drive approximately 2 hours round trip twice a month to take Baron for a swim. Monthly is ok, weekly is better. Why am I not excited???
Unfortunately, my friend Patti recently sold her house (and pool); I am sure if she knew Baron would need to swim, she would have reconsidered.  Anyone else want to make an offer to help Baron?  Before you jump in (pun intended), remember that Baron has NEVER gone swimming hence you may have to provide a life guard and possibly floaties or a life vest.
More later

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Hi All
It has been awhile since you heard the antics of Baron, Blake and their humans (that would be us).
A lot has happened but here is a brief synopsis:

1) Baron's human sister got married!!!  Sister was introduced to her now husband by Kaylie, husband's adopted dog, who is fearful of humans, except apparently, Sister.  Siser had just moved into a new building when now-Husband was taking Kaylie for a walk.  Kaylie, having excellent taste, ran right to Sister and literally hugged her.  The rest is history!!!

2) Baron's sainted owner (that would be me) had cataract surgery which has to be redone - I kid you not.  Life is complicated these days.

3) Baron who had a slight problem with his toe nail (think "hangnail") - or so we thought - had "minor" surgery today.  After weeks and weeks of a cracked nail annoying the royalty (yep, Baron), it developed an ulcer and the nail bed had to be removed.  Normally this is a simple procedure, requiring a few hours at the vet's to recover from the anesthetic.  Unfortunately, as you may recall, Baron is not normal.  When we went to pick him up, he exuberantly bounded into the waiting area, jumped on various family members and immediately began bleeding from the aforementioned paw.  Yes, dear readers, Baron is spending the evening bonding with the staff at the veterinary clinic.  sigh

All I can muster

Baron's beloved vet said, and I quote, "I hate to say this but Baron is a troublemaker!"  I am sure you disagree!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hurray for the holistic vet!

Hi All,
I had a very relaxing visit with the holistic vet (yep - it was partly about me).  My back was spasming, and she generously let me use her laser pad - it really helped.  Unfortunately, Baron's chiropractor, in the same office, no longer works on humans (except the holistic vet).  I kid you not, he is a human chiropractor but, to quote the vet, "really loves animals."  I tried to bark a little to get his attention, but it did not work.
In case you are worried about the health of Baron and Blake, all is almost well.  Blake had an ear infection a couple of weeks ago which did not clear up.  I am now giving him "Children's ear powder" (Chinese herbs) in his food and new ear drops.  He has a check up in 2 weeks.  At least I have nothing else going on right now.  Master still has health issues necessitating my finely tuned (NOT) medical management skills.  Daughter is getting married necessitating my finely tuned (NOT) skills as a wedding planner; do not worry, I have sought professional guidance in that arena.
I have been out of touch, dear readers, but sometimes life trumps blogging.
All for now,

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Therapy Dog

Hi All
Whew!  Too much going on to fully document.  To quickly summarize:  Master spent a portion of our winter vacation in the hospital.  No, dear readers, this had nothing to do with Baron or Blake (or yours truly, for that matter).  While in the hospital we encountered numerous therapy dogs.  You will never believe this, but therapy dogs do not demonstrate their enthusiasm by jumping on their owners or hospital patients.  It was quite remarkable. The therapy dog pictured below merely lay down in Master's room and relaxed.  We couldn't figure out what was wrong with this dog.  He behaved very abnormally.  No running up and down the halls banging into carts, no humping other therapy dogs, no getting in bed with the patients etc. etc. etc.  Perhaps he was ill?  We hope to have the opportunity to let Baron and Blake indoctrinate him to proper canine behavior (from their perspective).  The worst part of this experience?  Master actually liked the hospital food!!!  What does this say about my cooking?  Don't answer that.
All for now,